The Rehearsal, Miss International Queen 2015

Ready for the Final Round on November 6th, 2015 at Tiffany’s Show Pattaya, ThailandMIQ_press-002026 MIQ_press-010532 MIQ_press-002008 MIQ_press-002001 MIQ_press-001997 MIQ_press-010528 MIQ_press-010519 MIQ_press-010518 MIQ_press-010516 MIQ_press-010514 MIQ_press-010507 MIQ_press-010504 MIQ_press-001991 MIQ_press-010501 MIQ_press-001988 MIQ_press-001984 MIQ_press-001981 MIQ_press-010496 MIQ_press-010495 MIQ_press-010494 MIQ_press-010492 MIQ_press-001978 MIQ_press-010491 MIQ_press-010484 MIQ_press-001976 MIQ_press-001975 MIQ_press-010482 MIQ_press-010481 MIQ_press-010479 MIQ_press-010477


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